As of v0.24.7, there are 62 default plugins included in the main application.

9/12/20 New and improved 3DObjectsMk2 Plugin with 245 object/animations included, available as extra download here

If you would like to have a go creating a plugin you can use my current base/example plugin code as a starting point. Below are a few preview clips of some of plugins in the collection, rendered and exported from VIDIFOLD. Its not just each effect that's fun but how you mix and match them!


Noise Source and Effect plugin

RGB Line Interference

Line Interference effect

Pixel Differ

Pixelation based differing, per channel options

Radial Blur

Radial blur with per channel and aspect options


Control pixelation and ratios per channel

RGB Accumulator

Ghost and delay individual channels


Edge effect with hue and thickness options


Simple reverse and reflect options


SuperSpot Point Light or NeonLine


Basic bulge effect with horz & vert & channel options


Basic colour tint with desat and invert effects


Full screen shifting HUE, with some luma keying available


An manual or auto fade plugin


Add transparency to any color


Basic trails and die-back effect


Jump the video source in either direction on demand.


Scope line or flash based on audio data


A Kaleidoscope effect with optional moving surface control.

Try stacking this plug in for some complex patterns!


This is the first 'Mixer' type plugin.

It takes over from the 'layers' options in the 'Buses and Outputs' that where native until now.

Checker Stencil

Creates stencils based on checker patterns.

Example of the checker stencil effect, the black areas are actually transparent, and I'm clicking the random button.

3D Objects

Playback video on 3D objects and animations.

This is the largest and possibly the most complex plugin released to date.

Central Ripple

A ripple effect with speed and centre positioning options.


3 levels of blur with separate horizontal and vertical controls.


Position and display text, rolling or fixed, select font and colour. Can be used as a source or overlay.


Play frames into rows, columns or grid of cells and among other things control playback in each cell.

Luma Key

Simple luma keying, with invert, black out and min / max thresholds.

Surface Movement

Scroll and rotate image, fixed position or speed controlled, includes mirror options.

Colour Shift

Hue shift colours, includes RGB swap, saturation, value and contrast levels.

Channel Flip

Independently flip image horizontal and vertically, includes channel mask options.


Vertical and horizontal shake effect with separate scale, frequency and 4 waveform modes.


Basic grid positioning, vertical and horizontal whole / half / third / quarter frame positioning, includes channel mask options