3D Objects

Playback video on 3D objects and animations. (Extras)

This is the largest and possibly the most complex plugin released to date.

You will also need to download the support file for this plugin. It contains some 3D objects and animations to get you started.

There is also a "EYEVJ Exporter" Blender Addon, available.


Download the plugin, extract and place the file into the EYEVJ/plugins folder in your home directory.

Download the Objects file, extract and place its contains EYEVJ/plugins/3DPluginObjects folder.

Run up EYEVJ, add an instance of the Plugin to a playing slot, "Load" an object and play around.


1. Object

2. Playback Controls

3. Object Controls

4. Array Controls

Blender Addon

The addon allows you to export objects and animations from Blender. The exported files should be placed in EYEVJ/plugins/3DPluginObjects.

Then when you run up instance of the 3D Object Plugin in EYEVJ the file will show as [PENDING IMPORT]. Selecting an object which is PENDING IMPORT will cause it to be imported and converted into a binary format.

Model selector


- importing will HALT EYEVJ at this time (so don't import during a show!)

- the original file will be renamed and replaced

-The Top view in Blender aligns to the view in EYEVJ (that is, looking at your scene from the top view in blender is the same as looking at it on the screen in EYEVJ)

- you must have applied UV wrapping/mapping to objects

- doesn't export objects left in Edit mode

List of objects currently supplied in Demo Objects Collection download

StandardPlane, Standard Tube, Standard Cube, Standard Pryramid, StandardTubeWithSurfaceTwist, Sliding Billboard, CubeSplit1

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EYEVJ Version
0.9.4 +