Just a few screen grabs with the most recent first. VIDIFOLD is in continuous development and the interface is evolving overtime. These screen shots are normally taken from the current development version at the time. Click on the images to view a larger version.

Preview of the Carbon theme showing the new cue rack

A preview showing the newly added Hot Cue Rack in use.

A simple but rich rose wood theme.

APC40 fully remapped to new rack structure, Carbon Theme released to celebrate

New rack

Sneak-preview of the Feb17 release.

Pretty plug in 'Ripples', also has the new sync options on the right, next to the BPM display.

Screen-shot from Nov16 showing display next to interface.

Showing a midi setup in the bottom panel and user mapped fx parameters to the right of the fx stack.

A earlier screen shot showing dual screen mode, with the (yet to be released) 3D model/animation plugin.