Audio & Macro Driver

It is possible to drive plug-in controls from an audio feed.

This can be achieved by first enabling an audio capture device via 'Externals -> Audio In' section. You can also jump to this section by clicking on the AF (Audio Feed) tab.

an audio feed enabled

In the picture above is an example of an audio capture device which has been turned on. When turned on any signal levels are displayed in the stereo monitor bars in the AF tab. There are also 4 frequency filter points, Low, LowMid, HighMid, High, in the image above the HighMid filter has spiked. The sensitivity of these filters is controlled by the sliders shown.

You can then assigned the audio as a parameter driver via the slot macro controls.

the slot macro panel

Clicking on the 'config' button on the macro panel.

Brings up the following options (if the macro controls have been assigned).

driver options

You can select the Left/Right channel or filter option from the Audio input OR

Use the Ramp option (pink button to turn on) which runs min to max values - fitted to within the selected beat (8th > 8 bar) with mirror and swing and delay options. You can produce a Saw Tooth > Triangle Wave > Sine Wave > Pulse effects with this.

The all other controls, from the 'Inv' (Inverse) toggle, effect the value with the result displayed at the end