VJ software for Ubuntu 22.04. Software for freestyle jamming of video and effects.
Current version 0.37.1 with 111 plug-ins included.  Download

Latest screen shot

This is a WIP release of my hobby software and although much is complete there are still parts of the application that are being worked on.

FX Plug-in stack for every slot/bus/screen,  AuxFX and Hot Cues, Tape loops, Multiple Video Inputs, Live record as new item, mix it back or Export it, Audio Responsive,  Midi In/Out mapping,  Video editor for multiple takes from a single source,  Patchs,  FX snapshots,  Single and Dual Output configurations

Currently working on: multitouch and any reported bugs

Download the latest version of VIDIFOLD and extract the executable. System requirements can be found here, be sure to revisit for the latest version as updates are released regularly.

You will need to mark the file to run as an executable, 'right' click on the VIDIFOLD file and select 'Properties', click on the 'Permissions' tab, 'tick' Allow executing file as program, and close the dialog. You should now be able to double click on VIDIFOLD to start it.

The interface has 4 main sections (working from top to bottom).

  1. Screens and Buses previews
  2. The Bus Racks
  3. Current slot detail and FXStack
  4. Tapes, Aux Rack, Drivers, and access to Library, Configuration

Import a video clip

  • Click on the 'Clips' tab in the management section
  • At the bottom of this panel, click on the 'Import New Items' button
  • Use the file browser to locate a clip on your machine (suggest using a short video clip to start with)
  • Click on 'Select File', this will bring up the importing window
  • Click the 'Import listed items' button, and watch the import status, press the 'Finished' button when it appears

There will now be a thumbnail from the video in the management area.

Play the video
Drag and drop the thumbnail to the preview area in the Slot section. This is the blue area directly above the thumbnail.
A larger preview will appear in this area and a small preview will appear in the Trigger section.
Press the play button that appears or the '1' key on the keyboard to start play back.

FX Plugins : New plugins are being added regularly and are normally released with version upgrades.

245 3D objects/animations for the new and improved 3DObjectsMk3 plugin is available as an extra download here

If you would like to have a go creating a plugin you can use my current base/example plug-in code available on GitHub as a starting point.

Getting started

Other Requirements: primary screen with resolution of at least 1920x1080 and a graphics card with drivers able to run version 4 of OpenGL shaders. Suggest installing the latest graphic drivers and recommend the system uses an SSD Drive.

Support: Please make contact via email

Documentation Note: Quite a lot of the details are often out of date here, while development continues.