The Library


The library area in the bottom part of the interface has 6 sections.



This image shows a collection of Patches. You can filter the patches by a Project Filter and create a new patch by pressing on the 'Create Patch'. More information on the Patches page.



Clips are grouped by Banks, you can filter the clips by selecting a from the Bank Filter. Clips can be loaded by drag and drop or selecting clip then destination Slot.


plugins library

Plugins can be loaded in the same manner as the clips but also into an empty FX Stack slots. Most require a source to effect (GREY), but some can act as a source (GOLD) and some as Mixer (BLUE) or even a combo of these options.

Aux Rack

The Aux Rack section has 3 areas, See TapesAuxrack and Macro Drivers sections for further details.


Gives access to Video Feeds, Midi Devices and Audio Feeds.

Audio Feed Indicators

See Audio Response

Configuration & Tools



You can keep a backup of your Library by just cloning/copying or rsync'ing the VIDIFOLD folder. However as your Library grows this can become impractical. This is where the Library Sync tool could be used. You can use this is keep sync with a backup and/or you can use it to design on desktop / sync with gig machine / create-record during a show / and finally sync back to your desktop machine and backups.

There are a few limitations at this time, Application and Midi configurations are not synced and the Libraries are only merged i.e. deletions are NOT respected, this is a to do, unless you delete the content from each instance it will reappear in your Library during a re-sync.