Key Bindings

There are a few global controls which effect the whole playback

  • Speed - Global speed offset from zero to max, all Sources and Plugins will take this into account
  • RV - Reverse - all Sources and Plugins are set to reversed direction
  • II - All Sources and Plugins are paused

Although all Plugins should honor these, 3rd party ones may not.

There are a few global triggering controls which effect playing style (see The Rack)


QWERTY Keyboard
Quit application


Trigger Bus(Rack) or Cue(Rack) slot (top layer)(middle layer)(bottom layer)

lowercase (1-8)(q - i)(a - k)(z - ,)

Stop slot (top layer)(middle layer)(bottom layer)

Left Shift + trigger as above

Select slot Left Alt + trigger
Swap slot Left Alt + trigger (selects,source) +2nd trigger Swaps slots
Clone slot Same as Swap but also holding Left Shift
Select/Trigger FX on current selected Slot

(F1 - F8)

Trigger Tape Loop Left Alt + F1-F5
Stop Tape Loop Left Shift + Left Alt + F1-F5
Temporarily switch controls to other Bus Hold Alt
Tap in BMP

Space Bar (x8)

Sync (Jump to first beat / start of tape / start of clips) Left Shift + Space Bar
Toggle between Cue Rack & Active Bus Rack CTRL
Toggle Active Bus Rack (Between A or B , when Cue Rack is not active)


Next Aux Panel Arrangement (cycles through 3 layouts) F12
Move selection of focused slot Arrow Keys

Many actions are managed by Drag and drop