Aux FX Rack

This panel has 3 sections, Tapes , AuxRack and controls, Macro drivers.

Aux panel


This page just relates to the Aux Rack and controls.

When active (as indicated by a highlighted 'C' button on the Aux Rack Tab) the usual keyboard trigger keys are available on this rack.

The Aux Rack holds FXStack bundles copied from any slot and saved as a Aux Patch.

You create a new AuxFX item by dragging the FXStack bundle icon (the jigsaw pieces icon) from any FXStack onto an empty AuxRack Slot.

The Aux rack has 3 Modes of operation

1. 4Ch - In 4 channel mode, the rack is split into 4 groups (A B C D), FX are be played within each group and processed in the order A B C D.

2. 4Ly - In 4 Layer mode, the rack is still A B C D grouped, but each group is applied to an individual Bus layer, A to Top layer ... D to the Bottom layer.

3. Solo - When both 4Ch & 4Ly are disabled the Auc Rack switchs to Solo mode, where 1 FX at a time is played (similar to Bus Rack solo mode)

In all these modes, playing the FX also includes a XFade between last active and newly triggered slot, the XFade speed is based on current TXSpeed (again similar to Bus Racks)

You can drag-and-drop any existing AuxFX slot to:

  • re-order them
  • drop them on to any slot to clone it in that slot (that is any Bus, rack slots, Screens or Workbench)
  • and dispose of them via the Trashcan

Once created or edited the AuxFX rack can be saved as a Aux Patch (via the Patches tab)

If an active AuxFX has a macro setup, this will appear in the assigned panel to the right. Each active AuxFX has its own mix level.

The AuxRack playback controls

AuxFX controls
  • PRE : all active AuxFX are processed BEFORE any Screen FX, otherwise all active AuxFX are performed after any Screen FX
  • 4Ch - 4 Channel Mode (see notes above)
  • 4Ly - 4 Layer Mode (see notes above)
  • KU:  release key events turn off slot
  • TG : triggers toggle active state (i.e press key to turn on, press key again to turn off)
  • OA - only affect Bus A
  • OUT - only affect Screens
  • OB - only affect Bus B


TIP:  how do I update/replace a thumbnail in the Aux Patch?

With the patch loaded in the Aux Rack, and no AuxFX active
- drag the required Aux Slot on to the output (this copies and displays the FX onto the output)
- select the output (if not already selected)
- then drag the FXStack bundle icon (the jigsaw pieces)  back to the required slot position
- let go on the slot at a point the you want the thumbnail
- this copies the effect stack back to the aux slot AND also generates the thumbnail
- Re/Save the Patch (either by saving as new OR using the 'Replace from Aux' button in the patch dialog)