Snapshots & Patches


A Snapshot is a copy of a saved state of a Slot and is stored in the Library like any other Clip. They contain the source, Plugins and their set-ups and the Drivers and their set-ups as a Library item which can be restore/loaded just like any other clip.


A Bus Rack Patch is a snapshot of a Bus state. They contain Snapshots of all the Slots in the Bus as well as the Bus set up at the time and can be assigned to a Project.

They are than made available in the Patches list, with an image of the rack at that time, and can be filtered by Project.


Patch dialog

This is the Patch dialog, which display information and reports states.

TIP: You can drag patches from the 'Patches' section and drop them on to the Bus output at the top of the screen to quickly load a patch into that Bus. Or use the quick load buttons that appear next to a hovered over patch.