There is a simple theming system which allows you to change the basic look of VIDIFOLD.

To create your own theme you need, 3 images and an info text file in a sub folder of the ~/VIDIFOLD/themes.

  • Base.png
  • BusA.png
  • BusB.png
  • info

The images MUST be png format and 1920x1080 at this time. The info file contents is self-explanatory, copy from the 'DEFAULT' theme folder and edit as required.

There is a GIMP .xcf project file available (.tar.gz) for download which includes the 'DEFAULT' style and some guide layers.

GIMP project - ThemeLayout Download

If you'd like to share your custom theme on this site please email for consideration. If this takes off, I'll create a user submission form.

NOTE: The 'DEFAULT' theme folder is reset on each run of VIDIFOLD, any changes to the files in the 'DEFAULT' theme folder will be overwritten.