Knowledge Base

Requires Ubuntu 20.04.

Minimum Requirements: resolution of 1920x1080 for your primary screen, and graphics card with drivers able to run version 4 of OpenGL shaders and at least 4GB video ram. Suggest installing the latest graphic drivers and recommend the system uses an SSD Drive.

You will need FFmpeg installed. sudo apt update;  sudo apt-get install ffmpeg;

If you have trouble importing a file (e.g. mp4), you could review:
which amounts to trying this: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras


If you wish to report an issue or ask a question, please use the support forums here or email contact@vidifold.

I hope you will get as much fun playing with it as I do.

Designed and Developed by: John Day

Technologies: C++, OpenGL

Tools used: Programming IDE CodeBlocks, Image editor Gimp, 3D Stuff Blender

Some archive screenshots and music I listen to while coding MixCloud

VIDIFOLD Revision Notes

A list of all the notes from all versions is provided below.


Oops - Sorry, broke clip loading in last round, only snapshots where working
Changed audio filter controls to sliders (easier for touch)


Switched to a pop-up slider for ranged FX Parameters
Fixed - loading item snapshots, recently broken during a refactor
Minor Panels plugin update


Can now select/drop plugins in fxstack (via swap button mechanism)
- dragdrop still works, both still only within same fxstack at the moment
Moved some key bindings to better use LEFTCTRL
- CTRL+TAB toggles AuxRack focus
- CTRL+F1-F5 trigger Tapes
Added 'AM' assign macro mode button (select/drop) for drivers
- easy fxstack macro assignments via mouse clicks
- has some interaction with SWAPMODE, see manual for more details
Located and fixed a nasty and subtle memory corruption bug (introduced recently)


Now deselects library cell on filter change
simplified the TX options, removed ranged TX controls, added "divide 16" option
moved layer mute/solo to centre and increased size for easier access


Converted Project Filter to large format popup
-- added extra column to patch view
Converted Bank Filter to large format popup
-- added extra column to clips view
Can now Select/Drop the FXBundle icon
-- and can still drag/drop as before
And a few other GUI tweaks