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Requires Ubuntu 20.04.

Minimum Requirements: resolution of 1920x1080 for your primary screen, and graphics card with drivers able to run version 4 of OpenGL shaders and at least 2GB video ram. Suggest installing the latest graphic drivers and recommend the system uses an SSD Drive.

You will need FFmpeg installed. sudo apt update;  sudo apt-get install ffmpeg;

If you have trouble importing a file (e.g. mp4), you could review:
which amounts to trying this: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras


There is NO telemetry in this app, you don't need an internet connection to use it. If you have any issues you will need to report them. There are some notes available if you run ./VIDIFOLD --help

If you wish to report an issue or ask a question, please use the support forums here or email

I hope you will get as much fun playing with it as I do.

Designed and Developed by: John Day

Technologies: C++, OpenGL

Tools used: Programming IDE CodeBlocks, Image editor Gimp, 3D Stuff Blender

Some archive screenshots and

music I listen to while coding MixCloud and

music I make when I need a break from coding SoundCloud

VIDIFOLD Revision Notes

A list of all the notes from all versions is provided below.


Tape Mute/Solo disconnected - Fixed
In/Out live preview - Fixed
Followed through Slot Action menu for non-video


Fixed nasty bug in the new FXSlot actions menu
Added a Slot actions menu (only video at mo)
- moved info, aspect ratio, live in/out, quicktake and eject into it


Tweaked fx wetdry control
Added a menu to plugins
- moved eject / toggle / reset buttons into it
Plugins can now be a Mixer/Slot combo
Plugin API now correctly reports when layer is not in use.
Plugin updates
- Layers1, Layers2, MatteLayers updated to take into account API tweak
- small optimzation Blur
New plugins
- HueKey : Basically my chromakey version 2
- Channel Blur
- Channel Transform
- Alpha Level
- Layer Tiling


Added pop-up to aux macro knobs


Rearranged aux panels to allow for single view
- rather then 3 modes
Simplified Tape panels and reduced to 3 tapes
- added pop-up menu for bar count
Requires some follow through, but I think this is a big improvement  
- will prob show up more bugs now its more usable!